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I was asked today by a friend to let people in the UK know about an urgent room rental opportunity that has opened up in a house in London. Please follow it up as a matter of priority using the direct contact details below if you are interested and don't go through me. :)


Number of rooms available: 2

Rent price: £320 per month, plus bills.

Location: South Croydon, from where it's very easy to get to London (Victoria or London Bridge) or the South Coast.

Email address: Seany563@hotmail.com

Would be an excellent opportunity for somebody looking urgently for an off-campus room for a university course starting soon.

Feel free to repost the details on your own friends lists, blogs, etc

Towards the Future Horizon!

Hi everyone!

I am of the firm belief that ideas and insights should be shared whenever possible, because if you keep ideas to yourself then they may go to waste. An Incan shaman once said "You can achieve anything in this world as long as you are prepared to let others take the credit". So in the interests of sharing areas of my research that may not otherwise see the light of day due to lack of resources to develop them, just for fun I'm going to share with you some far-out thoughts about how events on our dear planet may unfold in the coming decades. And before we begin with that, I'd like to share an excellent quote:

Create the future that you want to see instead of waiting for one that you don't want to see.

Okay, let's start moving forwards!

* If there are future outbreaks of illnesses such as H1N1 then the safest places to be during a pandemic may be where it is coldest (due to the virus not being able to easily survive in such conditions). Learning about traditional native Eskimo life in Arctic areas can provide tips about surviving in a very cold place. This supposition is supported by a statement from a New Delhi newspaper in January 2010, which said: “The city health department maintains that the cases of H1N1 have been going down owing to the cold conditions and that coming days would see a further dip in the number of infections reported. 'As the virus thrives only on moderately cold conditions, the current chilling winter is very unfavorable for the contagious virus,' said a city health official”.

* Horses become a popular form of travel again.

* The most popular online virtual reality world is called DotNet.

* FTL (faster than light) communications and FTL computer processor chips become possible due to advances in physics understanding made possible by 'warp drive' spacecraft propulsion researchers.

* FeelSim and RealAm are the dominant virtual reality worlds.

* Artificial intelligence will be based upon String Theory physics.

* Pollutant chemicals can be 'magnetized' to draw them to the surface of ground, water, etc and separate them out.

* Quartz crystals, because of their high compatibility with energy storage, are used as 'storage tanks' in Star Trek style transporter machines in order to store the energy of dematerialized objects before it is beamed elsewhere for re-materialization. By this time, techniques for tracking particles and predicting their positions at any given instant in time will be perfected, overcoming one of the great theoretical obstacles to development of transporters (i.e that, due to Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle, the position of particles cannot be predicted and so it would be impossible to re-materialize an object or person once it has been broken down into energy).

* There is no electricity supply as we understand it at present, with technology instead being powered by energy from the human body.

* There is not a formal national school infrastructure. Instead, the majority of learning takes place at home.

* Artificial intelligence takes the form of artifically created 'ghosts' constructed from human energy rather than computer-based AI and custom programmed for whatever application they are required for. These AI entities, being self aware, will be granted human rights, thus avoiding repeating the mistake of slavery in the 21st century.

* A 'fibrillator' technology provides the body with supporting energy in the same way that a present-day fibrillator provides electricity to start a heart)

* The Universe is routinely explored by projection of the mind to distant locations rather than the sending of physical starships to those locations.

* In cases where it is necessary to send a spacecraft to a universal location, the vessel will be propelled by physical changes to the space environment made by the minds of human pilots running Neuro Linguistic Programming installed hypnotically in their minds; programs that are activated and run automatically by the human subconscious simply by pressing a 'mental button' (thus using the mind to create a propulsive 'warp field' around the ship that technology cannot yet produce at this stage in history).

'Game Changers' contest entry

Sambiglyon, the online education company that I co-run with giro_batol, is a finalist in an educational videogame creation contest called 'Game Changers'. One of the requirements of the contest was to create a 'video pitch' describing the design (which was primarily designed by relee and then tweaked by myself into its final form.

And here's the finished video!


We have our paws crossed for luck that we win something!

You can also follow the general adventures of Sambiglyon on its community blog, which I write:


Free Kratos Sackboy for LittleBigPlanet

I bought a copy of Playstation Official Magazine UK today (I buy mags for machines I don't have to keep in close touch with games technology and the videogame development industry). Inside the mag was a promotional code to get a free 'Kratos from God of War' sackboy character for the forthcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game LittleBigPlanet. Now, I don't know if the code is only for the European version of the PSN network or if the code only works once or can be used multiple times by everyone. But look at it this way: if you plan to buy LBP, giving the code a try won't do you any harm and is certainly 'better than a poke in the eye' (as us English folk are given to say).

Offer details under the cutCollapse )

Check Your Dog

From the comic critique website "The Comics Curmudgeon":

Those furries get everywhereCollapse )

Foxy Fighting

Someone on the TV's Worst Adverts website claimed that the tv ad for Foxy Bingo (in which a posh fox fursuit parades about town) was one of his most hated. It started off an interesting exchange in the comments section.


The ad agency agreed it was a poor ad and blamed Foxy Bingo for forcing them to put a giant fox guy in it, claiming the fox wasn't in their original design brief. Foxy Bingo responded that yes, they agreed it was a poor ad but said on a positive note that they have become a multi million pound company despite being associated with the advert. They added that it had always been in the agency's brief to have a fox in it, "because we're called Foxy Bingo and our logo is a fox" and sniped that there were dozens of other ad agencies gagging for their contract.

Client Vs Contractor - FIGHT!

A FB advert:

When Second Life Goes Wrong...

It REALLY goes wrong in big style.

Failed human-bunny crossbreed experiment, or a bunny cosplaying as a man? Who knows!


Boo! How did you celebrate Halloween?

I listened to chavs shooting off fireworks.


*reads history websites*

King Cnut! *snerk*